[AMBER-Developers] Looking for another volunteer--make a "fast" test suite?

From: David A Case <david.case.rutgers.edu>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2017 09:00:52 -0400

Hi everyone:

It's clear that people are generally not running tests before making
commits to master. Part of that is bad habits, but a big part is probably
that it takes forever to run the full test suite.

So, I'm looking for a volunteer to create a "fast/short" test suite: i.e.
a target in $AMBERHOME/test/Makefile that would cover the basics and could
complete in a few minutes. Some discretion is needed, but such a thing
would clearly skip the mmpbsa/FEW tests, only do a few of the hundreds
of qmmm tests, etc. This could skip problematic tests as well, so the
expectation would be that everything in the "fast/short" suite would PASS.

Then we could really lean on people who make commits to master that break
things, and automated nightly tests could (often) use just the shorter

I don't think it is really necessary to do this for pmemd, since those
tests run reasonably quickly as is. But I'm open to counterarguments there.

Post a note on amber-developers if you decide to take this on, so we don't get
duplicate efforts.


p.s.: my last request for help worked great: Lachele was able to bring
the wiki up to current php standards, and to demonstrate that the code
worked on her machine. That enabled me to push our admins to find the
problem at ambermd.org, which turned out to be a glitch in the way remote
storage was configured. (Before that, our admins just said "there must
be something wrong with your code.")

So kudo's to Lachele. Let me know if you see things wrong with ambermd.org.
Hai: you might see if download times have improved.
Jamie: we don't have a fix yet for the font/color change you requested.

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