Re: [AMBER-Developers] git logs and squashing commits

From: Ben Roberts <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 12:07:45 +1300

Hi guys,

Good to hear the AMBER development is still going strong. I hope you’re all doing well.

Speaking as someone whose current organisation uses GitHub and its private repos, it is possible to manage authentication and authorisation so that only members of particular teams are allowed to see and/or make changes to particular repos. It is not, however, possible to have one singular repo with controlled access to files and directories therein. I’m not sure that there’s any hosted solution that will achieve the latter. If there is, I haven’t heard of it.

If you want access control, how much of an imposition would it be to have separate repos, even if only from a development perspective, knowing that things will still be tarred up for release and the repos will still be under the umbrella of a single organisation?


> On 25/02/2016, at 11:47 AM, Ross Walker <> wrote:
>> I think AMBER only needs to make pmemd private repo (or I know at least
>> pytraj, cpptraj, parmed, pymsmt are public repos). Here is the price
>> ($25/month for organization with 10 private repos)
> Yeah I saw that just now - although it's not clear how big those repos are allowed to be. Note what we really want is, I believe, a single repo called AMBER where parts of it are private and parts of it are public and depending on how one authenticates determines what parts you can see. Running it as two separate repos would be a pain I think and ideally we want to preserve the idea that AmberTools is the 'free' component of the overall AMBER software suite so if we want to open up the AmberTools part of the repo to public development we have to figure how to do this. Or we make components of this public - e.g. the cpptraj part, the pytraj part etc - for this we will need fine grain authentication methods and I don't know if GitHub supports that.
> <can_of_worms>BTW, this all works great until some gets scooped on something they did and made public while it was being developed. It will happen sooner or later - think we end up making force fields that are under development public etc etc...</can_of_worms>
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