Re: amber-developers: amber10 code broken in qm2_dftb_gb.f

From: Michael Crowley <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 10:48:17 -0800

No strong opinion on this, just my vote with a note.
80 chars is my vote. I have rarely seen anyone use the whole screen for
a terminal window and when I do it surprises me since the screen is
nearly useless for anything other than that terminal. However there are
folks who learn to work in that environment and 80 chars only affects
them as far as I can tell, they would not be using the right half of
their screen. For readability in a typical editor, a default window
size, or printed output limit a line to around 80 characters, and has
nothing to do with fortran or computer programming at all. So I go with
80, with rare exceptions when context demands a longer line for clarity
of the comment or code.
Best wishes

David A. Case wrote:
> In the process of fixing up Amber 10's qm2_dftb_gb code (see CVS logs), I
> again faced the line-length problem for sander code.
> It has been apparent for some time that lots of people are unwilling to live
> with 80 character lines, and maybe that is a good idea in a modern age. But
> I also don't think we should allow arbitrarily long lines either, just because
> some particular person (initials are RCW) likes to use a small font and a
> giant terminal. The code becomes very difficult to read for everyone else.
> So I'm looking for input: what do people think we should enforce as a line
> length limit? And, do we have any formatters for Fortran that do this?
> (We can use indent for C-code, but I don't know where things stand for F90
> code).
> ...thanks for your input....dac

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