[AMBER-Developers] Release candidate 5 for Amber20/AmberTools20

From: David A Case <david.case.rutgers.edu>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 07:42:54 -0400

Hi everyone:

The fifth release candidate tarballs can be found here:


Please read chapter 2 in the doc/Amber20.pdf file, (now considerably
expanded) and follow the instructions there.

This is a pretty significant change from RC4: python3 is now the
default, and searching conda libraries should be back to the way that
things were in RC3: these wont be used unless you set
USE_CONDA_LIBS=TRUE. RC5 also has the patches and recipe files needed
to create a conda package for AmberTools.

This release candidate works for me on MacOSX and Ubuntu18.04, but you
might want to wait until Gerald has had a chance to run this on a ton of
Linux distros. Results will be in the wiki:


(Gerald: if it helps, you can probably discontinue testing miniconda2.)

I'd still like to find a volunteer to test on MacOSX.


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