[AMBER-Developers] Code freeze deadline for AmberTools17

From: David Case <david.case.rutgers.edu>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2017 08:08:22 -0500

Hi everyone:

The code freeze deadline for AmberTools17 will be Monday, March 6. Some

1. Don't push anything to the master branch that is not appropriate for
release in April. Don't rush to put in last-minute updates in functionality:
remember our goal that only code that is actcively being used should be
considered for release. Please don't add anything just to satisfy some idea
of what someone else might want--we have too many options already.

2. As in past years, we will temporarily freeze the master branch for a short
time as we prepare for the release. Please use branches for developments not
intended for AmberTools17. (I know there are other ways to handle this
release chore, but we've gone this road for many years, with few complaints.
I will endeavor to re-open the master branch as soon as possible.)

3. Please finalize contributions to the Reference Manual by March 20. Please
look over you sections, **add new citations for recent work,** add examples,
clarify language, and so on. Please look at the author list, and propose
appropriate changes: we prune this list to recent contributions, so
suggestions for both additions and deletions are appropriate.


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