[AMBER-Developers] AmberTools "continuous" integration on travis and circleci

From: Hai Nguyen <nhai.qn.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 11:16:22 -0500

Dear developers,

I've setup the auto testing on those services.
If you want to have this kind of things for your code, feel free to
make a pull request for this git repo:

Making a pull request will trigger building, testing on those service.
You're certainly need to make your own tarfile for AmberTools.{date}.tar.gz
it would be pretty fast (about few minutes).

I have a brief instruction here:

I am also setting nightly build and "commit" build (whenever you submit a
commit to amber master branch, a script running on Rutgers will pull the
commit, tar the AmberTools and trigger the build and testing (only serial
build and test).

E.g: https://travis-ci.org/Amber-MD/ambertools-test/builds/204870135).

.Andreas Goetz: This integration might be helpful for your student

I am too lazy to write very detail note, but feel free to try and ask.

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