Re: [AMBER-Developers] Tutorials update

From: Kevin Hauser <>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 00:21:46 -0400

Hi Dave et al.,

> Thanks for your comments. I've updated the global "amber.css" file to use
> colors from the above site; for tutorial 1, I removed the red/green color
> distinction between input and output files. After playing with things for
> a
> while, it seemed easiest to read if we just don't bother with that
> distinction.
> (I did leave the "color:" tags there, and just made the colors all black.
> So it should be straightforward to try other combinations.)

Speaking for the minority, what's wrong with simple black? On Carlos' wiki,
we have 100s of pages of content without fancy text-coloring (very easy to
publish content; i've written 100s of pages myself, though admittedly it
looks more finger-painting-like than Escher-like)

> I'm no graphics person of css wizard...other are welcome to pitch in.
> For example: the figure and caption divisions should probably be centered;
> I thought you could to this by setting both margin-left and margin-right to
> "auto" in the amber.css file, but that didn't seem to work for me.

> Second example: some things don't work well with a really wide screen,
> and we would want to limit the width to something smaller (in the range of
> 800 to 1200 pixels), and then center in the browser window. I did this
> on the tutorial index page by putting the entire page into a table. This
> is
> not terrible, but is there a better way?

The index looks cool in my opinion; sort of reminds me of a "blog format".
Crazy idea: could a (actual) blog for the tutorials be helpful beyond how
our browsers render the main content? I mean, would it be more
detrimental/cumbersome/annoying/overlapping-with-list than
beneficial/organized/interesting/complementary-to-list to have a means for
users to post questions/comments on the tutorial pages themselves? Or
decrease barrier to creating content/tutorials in the first place?
Alternatively, do we want a barrier to slow the rate at which content can
be created as a sort of low-pass filter?

Test of the emergency blog-casting system:
(toggle comments at bottom of page)

Hope some of this was useful,
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