Re: [AMBER-Developers] Tutorials update

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2014 21:32:35 -0800

>>Second example: some things don't work well with a really wide screen,
>> and we would want to limit the width to something smaller (in the range
>> 800 to 1200 pixels), and then center in the browser window. I did this
>> on the tutorial index page by putting the entire page into a table.
>> is
>> not terrible, but is there a better way?
>The index looks cool in my opinion; sort of reminds me of a "blog format".
>Crazy idea: could a (actual) blog for the tutorials be helpful beyond how
>our browsers render the main content? I mean, would it be more
>detrimental/cumbersome/annoying/overlapping-with-list than
>beneficial/organized/interesting/complementary-to-list to have a means for
>users to post questions/comments on the tutorial pages themselves? Or
>decrease barrier to creating content/tutorials in the first place?
>Alternatively, do we want a barrier to slow the rate at which content can
>be created as a sort of low-pass filter?

Are you crazy???!!??!?!?!? Let our users actually offer comments and ask
questions... :-S :-S :-S

Seriously - it sounds like a great idea letting users edit the tutorials
etc but I think that is a recipe for disaster without strict controls and
monitoring. Same goes for asking questions etc. In an ideal world where we
weren't all working 26 hour days just to keep the lights on it would be
great to have interactive commentary on the tutorials but realistically I
don't think any of us would really have the time to do this justice. I
think it's much better if we just encourage people to post comments and
questions to the AMBER mailing list - at least that way there is only one
place to check over coffee in the morning.

Regarding a barrier - I believe there should be quite a high one. People
read these tutorials like they read the gospel and so it is very important
that there be a decent level of quality control on what is provided.
Ideally tutorials for a specific method should be written by the person
who developed / implemented that method or at least carefully vetted by

My $0.03.

All the best

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