[AMBER-Developers] new syntax for FLIBS variable in config.h

From: David A Case <case.biomaps.rutgers.edu>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 08:59:59 -0500

I have pushed to the gitosis master some changes that will allow NAB to
be relocatable: you should be able to move the amber tree somewhere, and
re-set your AMBERHOME variable, and keep things working. This required
some changes to a variety of Makefiles:

a. The FLIBS variable (and similar) now use a syntax like "-lnab" rather
   than the previous "/home/case/amber11/lib/libnab.a". This means that
   Makefiles that use FLIBS have to add a -L$(LIBDIR) before $(FLIBS). I
   think I made all the needed changes, but consider this if I have missed

b. AMBERHOME must be set, even during compilation (which is what the
   instructions say, but is in fact a change from current practice). One
   problem: if AMBERHOME is set, but to the wrong location, strange errors
   may get reported. We might want to put more checks in configure to
   make sure everything looks ok, and consider removing the option in configure
   that allows the user to continue even if AMBERHOME looks wrong. (A
   truly clueful super-user who knows what she is doing can just comment
   out the checks; ordinary users should probably not be given the opportunity
   to plow ahead.]

c. The stand-alone Makefile for cpptraj may be broken by this change. I
   looked at fixing it, but it looked broken already anyway, and I figured
   Dan would be in the best position to make any changes. I'm kind of
   inclined to avoid distributing this, since users are likely to try
   something like "cd cpptraj; make install" and have it fail.

d. Note that you still can't move NAB to a machine where there are no
   compilers, or where the compilers don't work. gcc (for example) doesn't
   need to be the same version as was used during compilation, and it might
   be installed in a different location, but gcc has to be in the users' path,
   and it still has to work correctly. Also, parallel NAB assumes that
   the mpicc in the users' path is the one that should be used; this is often
   in $AMBERHOME/bin, so would mess up people who believe that $AMBERHOME/bin
   should not be in the PATH variable. I don't see any way around this that
   doesn't cause way more complications than it is worth, but others may have
   better imaginations.


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