[AMBER-Developers] Cruise Control and Build Failures

From: Ross Walker <ross.rosswalker.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 21:00:32 -0800

Hi All,

Please keep taking regular looks at the Cruise Control page. Robin and I are
updating it and adding new features. Right now it tests with both the Intel
11.1.069 and GNU 4.4.6 compilers. I am also going to add back in the gnu 4.1
compilers since given 80% of the XSEDE supercomputers run RHEL5 I believe it
is important that we support this. This of course means the NCSU stuff will
fail but that will hopefully shame the author into looking at it and fixing
it / working around the compiler issues.

Right now this is still work in progress so the build targets are not
completely reliable at present. However it does show that MDGX has broken
the AMBERTools serial build again. There are a bunch of unprotected MPI
calls that the serial compilation includes.

We are considering how best to warn people when they break the build. Once
things are settled down on the targets etc we can do one of either 2 things.
We can email the AMBER dev list (or the CVS notification list to which you
should all sign up if you are checking in code) or we can have it email
people individually. Essentially the email address associated with the
commit that broke the build. What would people prefer?

Next is getting make -j4 working so that the machine is not taking 40 mins a
go to build and to make sure we can get this to work and then enforce it
going forward to make sure people don't break parallel building again by
forgetting dependencies etc.

After that will come automated runs of test cases with history - oh people
will be in trouble then. ;-) followed by automated benchmarks to make sure
we are not retrogressing on performance.

Comments (even flames) welcome.

All the best

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