[AMBER-Developers] configure and makefile questions

From: Ben Roberts <roberts.qtp.ufl.edu>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 12:13:29 -0400

Hi all,

A couple of questions that just occurred to me.

First, what would people think about a couple of new flags to configure? I was principally thinking, "-debug" and "-warn". These turning on debugging and compiler warnings respectively. At the moment, building a debug version of Amber requires a bit of ad-hockery in config.h, and doesn't affect some components (those with their own configure scripts that are called by configure) at all.

The second question is: I'm a little confused about why a "make uninstall" runs a "make clean"? Most other packages I'm used to don't behave in that way. Is it because we can't really envisage a scenario in which a user would need to run "make uninstall" without cleaning at the same time? I sometimes find myself wanting to make sure I've thrown away one or more executables associated with a particular component of Amber or AT, without necessarily trashing every object file associated with every component.

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