Re: [AMBER-Developers] bug fix protocol

From: Mark Williamson <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 15:26:52 +0100

Jason Swails wrote:
> Hello,
> How exactly should I submit a bug fix? Should I make the corresponding
> change to the amber11 tree and then create a diff file vs. a specific commit
> on that tree? I know *how* to create a diff file that will work with patch,
> I just don't know how I'm supposed to do it with amber11 and the new git
> repo and everything. For reference, it's my latest commit in the main tree
> which I think is directly compatible with amber11.
> Thanks!
> Jason

Hi Jason,

I'm just lifting some local notes here that Andreas Goetz authored in
the group's general howto/notes that may be of use. This assumes (as you
say), that you want incorporate an existing change in the master tree
over to the amber11 branch:

        commit 0fd5497a24a6eeaa84992cc73bbd9149a52d8659
        Author: Jason Swails <>
        Date: Tue Aug 31 09:13:10 2010 -0400

            Add break statement to avoid throwing an error

So, if this should be a bugfix for amber11 and you're on the master:

git log
<find commit ID> <in this case 0fd5497a24a6eeaa84992cc73bbd9149a52d8659>
git checkout amber11
git cherry-pick -n "commit ID"
git diff --cached
<check what the merge did>
<test stuff again>
git commit
git push
git log
<find commit ID for new bug fix and last bug fix>
git diff --no-prefix #newID..#lastID > patch.txt

This is clean and avoids all these tiny commits. The patch can be applied in
patch -p0 -N < patch.txt

I hope this goes some way to help. However, I'm still not 100% sure what
happens after this to generate the bugfix.all and updating of the
website (



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