Re: [AMBER-Developers] release plans

From: Mark Williamson <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 12:48:31 -0700

Ross Walker wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> We need to find a way to roll over everyone's account from CVS to git and
> create an AMBER git tree. It should be tagged with AMBER 11 so anyone can
> check out that tag. Mark Williamson is the one to send requests to on this
> as he was researching how we would go about doing this. Right now things
> would only work with CVS. I guess one temporary workaround would be to
> somehow sync the git tree back to a read only cvs tree of AMBER 11.

> Mark can
> you do this? Call it /home/amber_cvs/cvsroot/amber11_release maybe? Or just
> archive the existing (now defunct amber11 cvs directory) and replace it with
> this one?
No; to my knowledge there is no way to convert a git repository back to
a CVS repository, if you do know of a method then I would like to have a
look at it.

I think we should tag Dave's git tree with the tag "AMBER11", move it
out of Dave's home directory to somewhere accessible to the CVS account
holders on ark and then give them read access to it. This would form an
initial short term solution; we need to then work out read/write access
out access after that.



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