Re: [AMBER-Developers] more on the "march" variable in configure

From: Ben Roberts <>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 16:35:22 -0500

Hi Dave,

case wrote:
> More about "march": it seems to be used only on solaris, and then, only for
> two pretty uncommon occurences (when bit64 is selected, or when SCALI
> is available). Am I missing something?
> I think we could deep-six the "march" variable, and put -m64 into CFLAGS
> and FFLAGS (etc) for solaris (where it belongs, anyway). It's not even clear
> that we have the manpower or machines to support the -64bit option on solaris
> anyway.
> [Still befuddled, though, about why other people with Mac's aren't seeing the
> problems I am seeing. It would be helpful if others could grep for
> "pgiFortran" in amber11/src/netcdf/src/config.log and let me know what you
> find.]
> ...dac

I can confirm that $march is breaking things on my Mac; with it, I get
f2cFortran, whereas without it I get pgiFortran. So I think that, since
it breaks things, it should probably be killed, as you say, and its
functionality put into CFLAGS, FFLAGS, etc.

This, of course, will cause its own breakages, to the extent that
CFLAGS, FFLAGS and their ilk aren't consistently observed. Do you have
any thoughts on why that is, and whether it should also be fixed?


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