RE: [AMBER-Developers] release date for AmberTools 1.3?

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 11:14:38 -0800

Hi Dave,

> It is clear that we will need to establish a "no-new-features",
> "bug-fixes-only" quiet period before any new release. With this email,
> I am
> soliciting comments (especially from Ray's group and from Ross) about
> whether
> now is a good time to do this. Is there important stuff that is just
> about
> ready to be committed?

Andreas and I are making continued changes to the QMMM code to add the PM6
and d-orbitals support, this will be ongoing for the next few months. Thus
we have two options I think. The first is to take a copy of sqm as it is now
and make that the release version. Andreas and I will continue modifying the
CVS version. The second is that we take a copy of it into our local AMBER 11
SVN tree and work from there and then migrate it back in once AmberTools 1.3
is released and things are no longer frozen. I prefer the first option but
either is fine with me.
> One problem is that we have delayed preparing some bugfixes for the
> current codes because people thought that a new release was imminent.
> So,
> while we *could* wait to deliver Amber11 and a new AmberTools together,
> I still personally favor getting a CVS freeze (except for bugfixes) in
> place, planning for a release around Christmas. That will get a lot of
> new functionality and bug-fixes into users' hands. Then AmberTools can
> be
> upgraded again in April, 2010, coinciding with the release of Amber11.

This seems reasonable to me. We really need a good freeze of the code in
order to get it properly tested, however, this freeze should be of short
duration so we can continue working on the AMBER code itself. The combined
configure files, sqm and various libraries etc mean we have to freeze both
AMBER and AMBERTools which is a pain, especially if we want to release AMBER
11 in April. However, we could, potentially create an AMBERTools 1.3 release
tree in CVS and migrate everything across. If we are restricting
modifications to just bugfixes then we can just make sure that any bugfixes
get added to both trees for the pre-release period and people can continue
to work on AMBER 11. At the same time this would provide a CVS tree where it
is clear what is provided with AMBERTools and what is not etc.

All the best

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