Re: [AMBER-Developers] In which serial Amber 11 is compiled on a Mac running Snow Leopard

From: Ben Roberts <>
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 2009 16:39:36 -0400

Ben Roberts wrote:

> The Intel compilers
> -------------------
> I sent a message earlier today regarding an "internal error" which
> causes the compiler to choke for AmberTools. Amber itself, on the other
> hand, compiles with no significant problems (compiler warnings
> notwithstanding).

Further to this, I've found a workaround, which I posted on the Wiki.
But for convenience, it is this:

The file $AMBERHOME/src/leap/src/leap/amber.c must be compiled at
optimization level 0, for instance,

icc -DBINTRAJ -O0 -c -o amber.o amber.c

(I suppose O1 could also work; I believe Intel defaults to O2. But I
hear there often isn't much gained by going from O0 to O1.)

I did this by hand, but I suppose it could be incorporated into the
Makefile. What do the maintainers of that portion of LeAP think?


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