[AMBER-Developers] Fortran2003?

From: Joe Krahn <krahn.niehs.nih.gov>
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009 13:05:38 -0500

I was discouraged about Fortran standards until F2003 came out. Among
other things, it defines a standard method of directly interfacing to C,
for both calling C and being called from C. This makes it easy to
utilize common C libraries, and many other languages that use C as a
standard interface. It will allow the advantages of Fortran math/array
programming, while avoiding programming non-math code where Fortran is
often a big pain.

Does AMBER still need to support compilers that don't support any F2003
features? Newer versions of Intel, Sun and Gnu Fortran all support at
least the C-binding part of F2003.

Has anyone else in AMBER-devel used any F2003?

Joe Krahn

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