RE: amber-developers: Intel compiler

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 13:09:20 -0700

> Have you guys paid attention to Intel compiler licensing terms?

Indeed, this has been true for a while and is discussed on the amber wiki

Although it seems that most of the academic world is oblivious to this
restriction on the Intel compilers and since the compilers help Intel sell
more cpus it would seem crazy of them to try and enforce things. Although
numerous companies have initiated stranger attacks on their own customers
the past...

This is not too much of a problem though as g95 is now available under the
GNU licence and compiles Amber without problems. It's performance while
as good as ifort is inline with the performance of the g77 compiler.

> Any way to turn everything back to FORTRAN 77, just in case,
> please :)?

You should go wash your mouth out with soap for suggesting such a thing

All the best

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