Re: amber-developers: Intel compiler

From: John Mongan <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 12:40:09 -0700

> Have you guys paid attention to Intel compiler licensing terms?
> I thought we are qualified for the non-commercial free Linux offer. But
> looks like we are qualified only for the Academic licensing. Shall I buy
> license for each node on a cluster?

I think you just need a license for each developer seat (each machine
you're doing development and compiling on), not for every node you're
running on.

> Any way to turn everything back to FORTRAN 77, just in case, please :)?

I think we passed the F90 point of no return right around the AMBER 8
release -- going back now would be awfully painful. People have posted
about freely available GPL F90 compilers that I think are able to
compile sander, although the performance doesn't come near the intel

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