[AMBER-Developers] Reporting Amber bugs and issues

From: David Case <david.case.rutgers.edu>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2019 19:32:39 +0000

Hi everyone:

After we removed all bugs for the 2016 release, we become a bit lazy
about keeping track of any new ones that might arise. The risks of new
bugs seemed so small, and there were always other things that seemed
more important, like figuring out how the hell the Warriors are going to
get their act together, and coming to terms with the fact that Jason
doesn't even seem to care any more.....

There is a bugzilla site at bugzilla.ambermd.org, but it's been only
occasionally used. Jason and I think that it would more visible and
easier to use "Issues" at gitlab.ambermd.org, and we have copied over
to gitlab entries from bugzilla that we deemed potentially fixable and
not completely stale, including two recent entries from Tim Giese.

So: as an experiment, I'd like people to use gitlab for a while to
report problems. There's no easy way there to assign an "importance",
but you can use labels. I select the sort option on the Issues page to
"Last updated" so I can quickly see if there have been any recent posts.
I find the chat/forum capabilities of gitlab attractive, and having bugs
there means there is only one site it need to visit (i.e. gitlab) for
most Amber-related tasks.

Neither gitlab nor bugzilla are optimal solutions, but anyone arguing
hard for a better options needs to be willing to take over
responsibility for it.


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