[AMBER-Developers] Getting ready for AmberTools19

From: David A Case <david.case.rutgers.edu>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 13:07:55 -0500

Hi everyone, and happy New Year!

This is an odd-numbered year, so we will be releasing only AmberTools19,
in April. Here are a few comments to help you get ready.

1. The developers' meeting is not until late March this year, and
things need to be mostly wrapped up before then. The upside is that we
(mostly) won't need to discuss release details at the meeting, and can
"zoom out" to a more general exchange of ideas.

The downside is that we need to rely more on email (via the
amber-developers mailing list) and on individual initiative to get new
material into AmberTools.

2. The procedure by which one commits updates has changed since last
year. Details are here:


See especially the sections on "How to push your changes back into gitlab"
and "How to create a merge request". If you have problems, it's probably
better to ask on the amber-developers list, since others probably have the
same questions.

3. Every merge request goes through a testing process (and code vetting
by Jason!) before being accepted. So it can take longer than before.
NOW is the time to be thinking about assembling code contributions, and
you should upload things within the next month. Deadline will be at the
end of February.

4. Please, please don't neglect to create test cases, and to update the
Reference Manual, both with new info, and with fixes and corrections.
Last year we had some major glitches in the original manual as
distributed, and I want to avoid that as much as possible this time
around. EVERYONE needs to help in proofreading and updating the Manual!
Things get out of date very easily.

Also, it is no longer an option to email me some files. You MUST work
from a git repo, and submit changes through gitlab as described in the
wiki page above. Avoid copying files from outside a git repo into a git
repo, always do a "git diff" on an proposed update, to make sure you are
only changing things you want to change.


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