[AMBER-Developers] AmberTools/src/configure2 -mpi problem

From: Gerald Monard <Gerald.Monard.univ-lorraine.fr>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2014 23:59:09 +0000


Since commit 772a27496687c677c20a2bd773671120c1dbbad9, configure2
fails with my installation either with mpich2 (mpich-3.0.4) or openmpi
(openmpi-1.6.5) when using at least the intel compiler:

Configuring fftw-3.3 for mdgx (may be time-consuming)...

     fftw-3.3 configure succeeded.

Error! Could not link C++ mpi code using mpi fortran linker:
                                 "mpif90 -lstdc++ -lmpi_cxx"
[C++ / fortran / MPI] cross-linking is needed for CUDA and EMIL builds.
Try: "mpif90 -show"
Configure failed due to the errors above!

If I remove these new tests in configure2, I can still compile correctly
sander.MPI and pmemd.MPI (but I didn't test cuda).

It seems that the dashboard shows the problem also.


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