[AMBER-Developers] minor re-naming of the Amber manual files

From: David A Case <case.biomaps.rutgers.edu>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2014 16:00:18 -0500

Hi folks:

Going forward, the .lyx files for the Amber manuals won't be versioned,
so that the same sources can be used for different versions. The output
pdf files *will* have file names that reflect the version numbers.

To slowly move to this I've done the following in the master branch:

1. ln -s Amber12.lyx Amber.lyx
    ln -s AmberTools12.lyx AmberTools.lyx

    since these are soft links, you can edit either Amber12.lyx or Amber.lyx
    and get the same effect. After Amber14 is released, we will remove
    soft-links and change names.

2. Added new targets in the Makefile: Amber14.pdf and AmberTools14.pdf.
    These will be used to construct the pdf outputs that users will see.
    Note that you may have to edit the LYX variable in the Makefile to
    match your machine.

3. Added Amber14.pdf and AmberTools14.pdf to the git master repo.

I don't think this should really affect anybody. You can merge your branches
into master (or vice versa) without really seeing any effect. If you get used
to opening Amber.lyx or AmberTools.lyx in LyX, you'll be doing the
forward-looking thing. But if you can't be bothered, the old way will still


p.s.: for discussion at the meeting: I'm thinking we might split the
AmberTools manual into two parts, one focussed on force fields and system
preparation, the other on everything else. Please think about if/how this
might be done, and be prepared to discuss pros and cons at the meeting.

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