Re: [AMBER-Developers] New Year fixes for Amber

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2014 09:00:52 -0800

>Regarding communication, we got into a situation that was relatively
>easily resolved but could have become messy. Here are some highlights
>and specific good communications in () that could have avoided the
>Romelia and Xiongwu agreed at the last meeting that Romelia would
>add sgld to pmemd. (This list could have been notified of the plan.)
>She started working on this in a private branch.
>(This list could have been notified of the start of work.)
>Dave asked me to add sgld to pmemd in May.
>(This list could have been notified of the plan and start of work.)
>I did a thorough grepping of the repository as my first step but
>Romelia's work was in a private branch. I work in the master
>branch, i commit frequently, and my detailed logs indicated the plan to
>add sgld to pmemd. Romelia and Ross saw this and we got coordinated, but
>we never did notify this list of the sgld work, so days ago Dave requested
>work and Xiongwu volunteered to do work already done by Romelia.

I think some of this is the 'success' of getting everyone to use GIT the
way it was intended and creating and managing their own private branches.
In the days of CVS we all used to see what each person was working on but
now people can lock themselves in their office and just silently work on
something for a year and none of us are any the wiser.

One approach would be to encourage everyone using branches to export that
branch to the server. In this way commits get sent to the AMBER CVS
mailing list and those looking through that can see what is going on. A
lot of people do this already but not everyone. One issue we need to
figure out though is how to stop the system sending emails for merges
which unfortunately add to the noise right now.

I suggest people start by signing up for the CVS Mailing list if not
already: it's quite a lot of
traffic but easy to handle with a simple mail filter and it's good to scan
the logs of commits every now and then.

Beyond that I think we need to discuss more optimum ways of communication
at the meeting next week.

All the best

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