Re: [AMBER-Developers] bug fix protocol

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 22:42:29 -0700

Awesome idea... (can we call it yum? ;-) ).

I think the key will be thinking it out and planning it very carefully from
the beginning though - and trying to make it generic enough that it keeps
working as changes are made in the development tree. I.e. if new directories
are created etc. It would be ideal if it did NOT need to be updated for such

In principal though I like the idea. Although maybe one could consider
having it and option as part of configure?

./configure gnu
checking for updates by invoking ...


with an option to obviously have

./configure -noudpatecheck gnu.

All the best

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> From: Jason Swails []
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> To: AMBER Developers Mailing List
> Subject: [AMBER-Developers] bug fix protocol
> Hello everyone,
> I'll take a break from my long-winded (and poorly-thought out/worded)
> posts
> to propose a new method for bug fixes, without unimportant
> implementation
> details. Feedback is appreciated (flag and program names are certainly
> not
> fixed, just the basic ideas).
> I suggest that we include a program/script with every Amber/AmberTools
> release, let's call it "patch_amber.x". This program will automate and
> completely handle the process of downloading and applying bugfixes for
> any
> AmberTools/Amber distribution we have, regardless of how we package
> them
> (each AMBERHOME directory will have 1 smart script that figures out
> what to
> do based on what packages are present).
> It can be used to determine what bug fixes have already been applied
> ./apply_bugfixes.x --patch-level
> returns a list of the bug fixes that have been applied.
> ./apply_bugfixes.x --check-updates
> Looks up on the website to see if there are any *new* bug fixes that
> have
> not been applied, and gives the user details about what bug fixes are
> out
> there and what they do/patch.
> ./apply_bugfixes.x --update-tree
> Goes onto the Amber server, downloads the bug fixes that have *not* yet
> been applied, applies them (telling the user what it's doing along the
> way), and then instructs the user to recompile.
> ./apply_bugfixes.x --download-patches
> Same as --update-tree, but doesn't actually apply those patches. Think
> one
> ring to rule them all ;).
> Thoughts? Suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Jason
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