Re: [AMBER-Developers] Help with NVIDIA Compilation using ifort

From: Robert Duke <>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 08:44:26 -0400

Okay, I still am not set up to build cuda, but I plowed through the logic on
all this, and it is sort of strange. What we are dealing with here is NOT
under the control of CLINK* (so scratch the whole discussion of how to get a
c name decorated in our source - that is not the problem). This is
logically equivalent to having to build mpi libs (also an imported .a) such
that the name decoration matches what the fortran compiler is expecting. So
the question becomes, "what do you get when you do a 'nm cuda.a' and grep
for the undecorated missing symbols (or just gpu)"? I am puzzled by all
this because it looks like gnu-based compiles are set up in your generic
configure to produce a single underscore, so if cuda.a works with gnu
fortran, I would expect it to work with ifort (so this is maybe slightly
convoluted logic, but I am saying that when we build c for either ifort or
gfortran ourselves, we use single underscore decoration, the default if
there is not a CLINK* definition, so what we give to gfortran presumably is
the same thing we give to ifort (in terms of name decoration of our own c
Regards - Bob
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>> What platform are you building on ?
> RedHat EL 4U8, x86_64.
> Gnu works fine. Intel is currently broken at link stage.
>> And is all this cuda stuff in the latest release candidate ?
> Yes. Try:
> ./configure -cuda intel
>> Yes, Bob is also mostly using CLINK... in pmemd.
>> I am not aware of any platform with such a terribly broken C
>> preprocessor;
>> this includes over the years ibms, hps, suns, sgis, crays, etc.
> I'll take a look at Bob's CLINK and see if I can figure something simple
> out.
>> Here's my comment that we are too close to release for all this
>> activity...
> Fine. Release it broken, see if I care. I'll be sure to forward all the
> user
> comments to your cell phone's email to sms gateway. ;-)
> All the best
> Ross
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