[AMBER-Developers] bugfix for Amber10's bugfix.26

From: Mengjuei Hsieh <mengjueh.uci.edu>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 15:46:49 -0800


I was checking out a clean Amber 10 the other day and while I was patching
it with the bugfix. I found that bugfix.26 seems to be having a duplicated
patch in the end. And I believe that bugfix.all has the same problem.

Here I attached the patch to the bugfix.26, hopefully it makes sense to
you guys.

Mengjuei Hsieh, Luo Research Group, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry,
University of California Irvine.

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Received on Thu Jan 28 2010 - 16:00:02 PST
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