Re: [AMBER-Developers] Backup file renaming?

From: Joe Krahn <>
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2009 13:27:22 -0500

The one disadvantage is that Fortran doesn't have portable file
manipulation commands, so file RENAME and DELETE are non-standard and
may require C library functions.

An alternative approach is to have a single file that contains 2 sets of
restart data, written with direct access. You can write restart data to
the inactive half, then change the active flag last.


Ross Walker wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> I agree with Bob here and some of this was discussed at the AMBER meeting.
> The main issue with .1, .2 etc is that you don't know which is which, which
> is the last one etc. Sure you can work it out by looking at it but trying to
> do that inside a script is difficult. That's why I think the .bak approach
> is best because the intention is that you would never need / look at the
> .bak file UNLESS your job crashed and you found out that your main restart
> file was corrupted.
> All the best
> Ross

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