RE: [AMBER-Developers] reflector searching

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 18:20:53 -0800

Hi Scott,

This is largely a function of Google (and web searching in general) becoming
more and more useless everyday as the internet gets more and more polluted.

One can try things like:

+MG2 which forces Google to search for just MG2 but that doesn't help much.
The Jan 30th one is too new - it takes Google between 1 and 2 weeks to index
pages these days unless you sign for some form of premier service and pay
them a ton of money :-(.

Maybe Mark knows some more tricks that could be done but at the moment I
don't think it is possible to force date ordering. Interestingly Google has
an experimental program running: that
supports timelines but I haven't looked at this much.

The only other option I see would be to try running our own search engine on
the site but I tried this ages ago and most of the free search engines
available then were useless compared to Google. Maybe things have improved.

All the best

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> Hi,
> Searching the reflector is becoming ever more unproductive.
> It is difficult to quickly find good hits because
> the results can contain too many bad hits, the results are
> not sorted by date, and the results can contain too few hits
> due to spelling errors etc.
> (Googggle helps on the spelling errors unless the post is mispelled;-).
> For example, this reflector verbatim subject title:
> Xleap - solvatebox - counterions
> does not find the Jan 30 2009 thread:
> Maybe it is too close to the post date ?
> And this search
> MG2
> finds lots of junk and is not date sorted.
> I dont expect this type of searching to be as productive as grepping
> my reflector mail file, but adding an option to sort by date seems
> very attractive result-wise and can be done by googgle advanced search;
> can we automagically do this ?
> This could be our first step to offering better searching.
> Scott
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