Re: amber-developers: CVS accounts

From: Ray Luo <>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 09:16:27 -0700


I'm done for now. Please convert my account to the new machine now.


On Oct 31, 2007, at 9:30 PM, Michael Crowley wrote:

> Dear all,
> I would like to begin migrating all developers to the cvs machine
> ( and off of chagall or any other machine we may
> have put
> you on to get cvs access at scripps. Some are already on loyd.
> These are the folks that are already on loyd:
> gustavos Gustavo Seabra-Roitberg group-Amber collab
> jsonnenb Jason Sonnenberg amber dvlpr
> jianliu Jian Liu amber dvlpr
> hayik Seth Hayik amber dvlpr
> buw2 Bing Wang amber dvlpr
> pv232 Peter Varnai amber dvlpr
> mengjueh Mengjuei Hsieh amber dvlpr
> carlos Carlos Simmerling Amber dvlrp
> rduke Bob Duke
> sandyucb Sandy from berkeley/miller group
> ruzhuchen Ruzhu Chen, IBM 845-433-8426
> york Darrin York
> pengyu Pengyu Ren, U Texas
> pcieplak AMBER Piotr Cieplak, Burnham Inst.
> tjhou AMBER
> tluchko Tyler Luchko, U Alberta
> peters Martin Peters, qtp U Fla
> sagui Celeste Sagui,NCSU Amber dvlpr
> roberto Roberto Gomperts,SGI Amber dvlpr
> torras Joan Torras,Amber dvlpr PUPIL - Adrian Roitberg
> xueli Xue Li,Amber dvlpr Merz Group
> junmei_wang Junmei Wang, Amber Dvlpr
> If you are one of these people, then nothing has to be done for or
> by you.
> If you are not one of these lucky ducks, then we have some work to do.
> It would be easiest if you could let me know when is an opportune
> time to
> make the change. The best time would be when you have all your
> modifications checked in because you will want to check out a new
> version
> of the cvs tree with the CVS utility files (Repository in particular)
> containing your new cvs repository info (loyd rather than chagall).
> When you are ready, let me know and I will make the change. You
> will get a
> new userid and a new CVSROOT environment variable to set. You will
> also
> have to change your password on loyd as described in an email. You
> will
> not be able to log into loyd, only use remote shell commands, in
> particular, use cvs via ssh.
> Best wishes to all,
> Mike
Received on Sun Nov 04 2007 - 06:07:27 PST
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