RE: amber-developers: Sanibel meeting plus bug-list

From: Wu, Xiongwu \(NIH/NHLBI\) [E] <"Wu,>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 15:07:09 +0100

Is Sanibel the one at Florida? That would be nice and I would like to come.


From: David A. Case []
Sent: Thu 9/14/2006 2:23 AM
Subject: amber-developers: Sanibel meeting plus bug-list

Hi everyone:

I want to re-state two recent items:

1. We are trying to make sure that having the developers' meeting at Sanibel
will really work for as many people as possible. Please look over the
previous mail on this subject and let me know if you will or will not be able
to attend. Please reply, even if you can't decide yet whether or not you will
be able to come -- that way, I will know that you have read the message.

[If you already have replied, or if you are at QTP and are "obviously" going
to attend, then you don't need to reply. Let me know if you lost the earlier
e-mail and I will re-send it to you.]

2. Please take a moment to look at the buglist page:

We need to try to resolve the issues that are listed here (and to continue to
do so as new bugs are reported). Two of the items there (#1 and #5 actually
have proposed patches, and all tec and seth need to do is look at those to
say they are OK.) Some of the others will require more work, and we need
people to pitch in. (See also my recent requrest on the Amber list for
someone to start a wiki page on compiler versions).

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