amber-developers: antechamber related change in amber10 CVS

From: David A. Case <>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 14:50:02 -0700

Hi everyone:

I am finally facing up to a problem that has existed for a while now. As you
may know, Junmei has been distributing a stand-alone version of antechamber
(see, which he updates from time to time
with bug fixes and with upgrades.

The problem, of course, is that this version can get out of sync with what is
in Amber 10. Worse, people like Scott can put fixes to antechamber in Amber10
that don't get included in Junmei's sources, creating a horrible mess.

It seems clear that the "antechamber" CVS tree should be the master one, and
that amber10 should mirror that. So, I have modified the repository files
for amber10: amber10/src/antechamber and amber10/dat/antechamber now point
(in the repository, not in users' working directories) to the same place.
Hence, fixes made by Junmei in the antechamber CVS will automagically appear
in amber10; likewise, changes made in the Amber10 tree will show up in
Junmei's CVS.

This is an experiment with these two directories only. I don't think anyone
should have problems, but let me know if you do. It is possible that you
will have to remove the above two directories in your working version, and
do a "cvs update -d" to repopulate them, but I don't think that this is
necessary. If this works well, we might try the same thing with ptraj, where
there is a similar divergence between between the local Utah copy and what is
in the amber10 repository.

Two fairly minor points remain here:

1. Scott: can you please re-commit your recent patches for the prepi/prepc
    file length problem? I could try to do a merge, but since you understand
    the changes, I think it would be much easier for you to do that.

2. We still have to get a good mechanism by which bugfixes to antechamber
    show up on the web page bugfixes for Amber 9. Junmei is learning how to
    do this, but others need to think about related problems: if you put code
    into amber10 that really should be a bugfix (not a functionality upgrade),
    please try to get bugfixes created. I'll try to post on the wiki detailed
    instructions (unless someone else beats me to it.)

Obviously, if you think this is all a bad idea, or that there is a better way
to proceed, please speak up.

Received on Sun Aug 20 2006 - 06:07:22 PDT
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