RE: amber-developers: PGF90 with no -tp option.

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 08:25:35 -0700

> I added a note about forcing 32-bit compilation for pgf90;
> plus fixed up
> (I hope!) the XLIBS problem.

This looks fine to me.
> I hope Kim or Tom can check the current CVS on pgf90 on opterons....
> NOTE: the current configure in CVS does *not* have
> "-Mvect=noassoc -Kieee"
> I can't tell from Ross' mail whether this would hurt or not,
> nor from Kim's
> mail whether it is really necessary.

It is definately not necessary on any P4 machines. I don't know about the
Opteron, perhaps the 32 bit compilation will solve the problems. Adding
"-Mvect=noassoc -Kieee" really really slows things down so it would be
if we can avoid having to use it. Let's see if the current options work on

> Ross: what version of pgf90 are you testing?

I am running PGF90 v6.1-3 Workstation Edition. This is the latest version
the Portland Group compilers and is the one currently advertised on their
website. I have found a 32 bit machine with a very OLD version of the
Portland group compiler v3.2-4. I will try this out in a hour or so and
you know if it works or not, this version only supports 32 bit anyway.
are the only two versions of the compiler I have access to unfortunately.
Maybe Kim has a slightly different version.

All the best

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