amber-developers: G95 64 bit problems.

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 15:47:17 -0700

Okay, seems like the build I had of g95 was duff, I got a new build today
(28th March) and the following are what I see:

1) Landau (32 bit P4)
        g95 x86 32 bit no MKL = Pass
        g95 x86 32 bit MKL 8.0.2 = Pass

2) Caffeine (32/64 bit Dual Pentium D)
        g95 x86_64 - 32 bit no MKL = Pass
        g95 x86_64 - 32 bit MKL 8.0.2 = Pass
        g95 x86_64 - 64 bit no MKL = Fails on cytosine and all LES_GB
- testing ended at ptraj with a seg fault. See attached Log file.
        g95 x86_64 - 64 bit MKL 8.0.2 =

So it would seem that g95 is fine as long as one only tries to build 32
executables either on an x86 machine or an x86_64 machine. If you try and
build 64 bit executables most things will work (if you don't use
for Cytosine (don't know why), all the LES_GB test cases and ptraj
isn't ptraj all in c?). Everything else seems to work. If you use MKL then
targetted MD fails with a DGEEV error and all of the divcon tests also
with Double Linked List Corruption Errors???

I don't know whether we should worry about this or not. Perhaps we should
take a look through the LES GB code or perhaps we should just assume it is
compiler bug that may get fixed at some point.

All the best

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