Re: amber-developers: Large File Support

From: Xuebin Qiao <>
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 04:40:05 -0700


IMHO, I think this kinda -Dfoo should be added to specific makefile as
local preprocessing/compiling flag, similar to AM_CFLAGS or foo_CFLAGS in
auto*. Otherwise, you have to consider whether it will get in someone's
way. The only
problem is how to generate makefile when you wanna add a configure option
for user. It's trivial for auto* and not too hard for currently configure

best regards


On 12/4/05, John Mongan <> wrote:

Does anyone have any objection to me changing configure so that our C
based programs will be compiled with large file support (LFS)? This
would involve adding the following to CFLAGS:


When compiled this way, C programs (probably ptraj is the only one where
it really matters) on modern 32-bit *nix platforms can work with files
>2GB. This definitely works for ptraj on 32 bit linux. This should also
work on modern non-linux platforms (those that have LFS), but I don't
have access to any to test. On older platforms, it should have no effect.

(Note: this is orthogonal to the binary trajectory work I mentioned




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