RE: amber-developers: Junmei weighs in on torsions

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 09:47:23 -0700

> So, my understanding was wrong, (although I still sort of
> agree with Tom's
> comments on halogens.) This means that the "rule" is that a
> specific one-fold
> term will replace a wild-card three-fold term. This is
> "good" in the sense
> that it is what LEaP does under most circumstances, so we do
> not need to think
> about undo-ing (or redo-ing) a big body of work.

But this seems to be the opposite to how Leap deals with frcmod files.
in parm99.dat there is:

X-C -CT-X 6 0.00 0.0 2.

Which for NMA should appear 6 times for 3 x HC-CT-C-O and 3 x HC-CT-C-N
although leap only actually writes 5 of these to the prmtop file 2 x
HC-CT-C-O and 3 x HC-CT-C-N. This is worrying as I doubt it is restricted
just something simple like NMA. It doesn't matter here as the value is
but even so, something is wrong.

Now, if I create an frcmod file with

HC-CT-C-O 1 2.5 180.0 3.

If my understanding is correct the 2 fold wild card term above should be
discarded for the 3 x HC-CT-C-O dihedrals but kept for the HC-CT-C-N term.
However, Leap still writes all 5 (should be 6) terms to the prmtop file as
well as writing my explicit term. So, is this not backwards to how it
with the actual parmxx.dat files???

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