[AMBER-Developers] A QM GUI interface in the cloud

From: Jason Swails <jason.swails.gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2021 15:37:54 -0400

Hi everyone,

Entos has just released a molecular visualization and exploration tool for
free academic use with one-touch QM properties (xTB level of theory for
now). You can get conformer generation, optimization, torsion scans, IR
spectra and vibrational intensities, orbitals, ESPs, bond dissociation
energies, and more. I think it could be a very effective tool for

We'd love to get feedback at envision.entos.ai for anyone that wants to
explore with it. You can see a more detailed description here:

I hope everyone is well!

Jason M. Swails
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Received on Wed Mar 31 2021 - 13:00:03 PDT
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