[AMBER-Developers] A new way to git

From: Jason Swails <jason.swails.gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2018 21:06:14 -0400

Hi everyone,

I've been working with Dave, Tom, and Ross over the past month or so to
work on migrating to a new git server. As the community grows and the pace
of development quickens, the limitations of gitosis become more apparent.

Thanks to Tom and the CHPC at the University of Utah, we have a new server
that is hosting an instance of GitLab, which is a service very similar to
GitHub (although not [yet] owned by Microsoft). The new git server can be
found at https://gitlab.ambermd.org/amber/amber. The old repository
(gitosis.git.ambermd.org:/amber.git) will still be available and will be
kept up-to-date with the latest updates to Amber for the foreseeable
future, but it has been transitioned to read-only (you will be unable to
push any code to that repository).

Also, the latest changes have replaced the submodules with subtrees. If
you want help migrating your current branch to GitLab, or merging it with
the latest master that gets rid of the submodules, email me with the name
of the branch you want migrated.

All future contributions will need to go through GitLab. If you would like
an account, please email myself, Dave Case, and Ross Walker (
jason.swails.gmail.com, david.case.rutgers.edu, and rosscwalker.gmail.com)
and we will create an account. Please provide the following information:

* Your full name
* The username you would like (I picked the same as my GitHub username)
* Your email address
* What level of permission you had with gitosis -- namely read only or write
* Do you want your public SSH keys from gitosis merged into your new
account? (note that DSS keys should not be migrated, so if you have one of
those you can use ssh-keygen -t rsa to generate a key with a more modern
crypto algorithm)

After we create your account, you'll get an email from GitLab with a link
where you can set your password. Then proceed to the wiki on that
repository where I've put up some instructions on how to migrate from
gitosis to GitLab. You can find the wiki here (you must be logged in to
view it): https://gitlab.ambermd.org/amber/amber/wikis/home

For those of you who have used GitHub, this should feel familiar. However,
please do *not* fork the Amber repository like you would in GitHub -- it is
very large and will unnecessarily tax the storage resources of the GitLab
server. Instead, push branches directly to the main repository and raise
merge requests from there (GitHub calls them pull requests).

There are some very notable changes in the developer workflow with GitLab.
The biggest one is that you can no longer push directly to the master or
release branches (e.g., amber18-with-patches) -- GitLab will block you if
you try. Instead, you must push to a separate branch and raise a merge
request into master (or amber18-with-patches if you're making a bugfix).

Raising this merge request will trigger that code to be cloned, built, and
tested using Jenkins with a variety of configurations (serial, MPI, CUDA,
and CUDA.MPI). Only if these all work will someone be able to click the
button to merge the request.

You can also set the "Notification setting" to "Watching" (to the right of
the clone URL on the main Amber repository page) to get an Email every time
a change or an issue is created on that repository. I would also encourage
you to use the issue tracker of the repository to post bugs and questions
about the code.

This software also makes it easy to make comments on code in merge
requests, so I encourage you to take advantage of this! If you're
experienced, do code reviews of merge requests. If you're not, review them
and ask questions you may have. You'll learn more about what people are
doing and increase the likelihood we'll find bugs earlier. It will only
make Amber better.

And enjoy the new development process. Don't worry about making a mistake
or "breaking the master branch" by accident -- GitLab blocks you from doing
things by accident you shouldn't do.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask (I'd encourage you to
ask on this mailing list, since you're likely not the only one with the
same question).

Thanks, and I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Jason M. Swails
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