Re: [AMBER-Developers] Please have a look at the NewFormat webpage branch

From: David A Case <>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2017 08:29:07 -0500

On Tue, Dec 12, 2017, Dave Cerutti wrote:

> Dave Case has kindly lent a good deal of time to helping me proof the new
> website, but after some hours spent we are ready to have a broader audience
> look over the new page before it rolls out. My preference would be to make
> the new site public by the beginning of next week,

I think this is too ambitious a time scale. There are still a fair list
of items on our internal to-do list (given below, so others won't spend
time reporting the same problems.) Hai's idea of having an online site is
a good one, and I'm guessing that someone reading this knows a good way to
do that.

Nevertheless, getting feedback from developers is an important step in the
process. Thanks in advance for your help.


DAC to-do list:

1. Main page:

    put news into its own page, with a menu item on the left pointing to it
    put a nice graphic in the place where News used to be (DAC)
    extend the intro writeup about Amber (DAC)
    the "Forums" menu item should say "Mailing Lists"; and this info should
       be repeated in the "Contacts" page

2. AmberTools17 page:

    the "Download now" link appears to refer to the Reference Manual, not
      the code. A "Download AmberTools17" link should be prominent and

3. Tutorials page:

     visually unappealing index page -- add some graphics
     "adding features to sander" link is broken

4. History page:

     needs an introduction (DAC)

5. Manuals page:

     outdated; we can deep-six corrections to old manuals.

6. Amber citations page:


7. Contacts page:

     information is outdated.
     should add info about mailing lists here as well, since people may
       expect to find it here.

8. force fields page:

     needs some graphics to make things visually more appealing
     AmberModels.php needs a bullet point about nucleic acid force fields.

9. Announcements page:

     I still think this should be called "News" rather than "Announcements"

10. Downloads page:

    the AmberTools17 section is missing the info about how to get the
       binary version.
    The "simplified Linux requirements" link is mislabeled, since that page
       covers MacOS and Windows as well

11. For educators page:

    Article 1 link is broken.

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