Re: [AMBER-Developers] git logs and squashing commits

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2016 19:41:42 -0800

> On Feb 24, 2016, at 19:32, Hai Nguyen <> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 8:11 PM, Ross Walker <> wrote:
>> I think the real issue here is one of human nature. At the end of the day
>> very few of us actually do the necessary work until we hit the deadline.
>> It's not clear how github will magically fix that. We'd probably just end
>> up hacking our way around the above due to time constraints.
> I don't think the human nature is good excuse. It's developer
> responsibility.

Agreed - but it happens every time so clearly is something systemic in nature.

I suspect because none of us are full time software engineers. I'm definitely guilty of it - only started working on finishing up our SPXP precision model in the GPU code this week because the AMBER code freeze deadline has finally made it to the top of my todo list with the retirement of a number of other earlier deadlines for other projects.

Ultimately we are all scientists / academics first with all the s**t that entails and we do the software development as essentially a side job under that umbrella. A lot of people have 10+ projects going on at the same time and way too many demands on time, competing deadlines etc. So I think that just assuming that switching everyone to Github will cure it is naive and doesn't get to the underlying issues - that we are ultimately under funded, under staffed, goal conflicted and overworked. So what we need, beyond a couple of full time programmers who can take overall responsibility for the AMBER code base without competing distractions, is ways to make things easier and centralized for everyone and probably better communication and collaboration amongst all the developers.

All the best
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