[AMBER-Developers] AmberTools12.lyx now open, more...

From: David A Case <case.biomaps.rutgers.edu>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2013 16:38:57 -0400

I think I have repaired AmberTools12.lyx (and AmberTools2.pdf) to a reasonable
state, with Dave and Junmei's latest edits in there. But everyone should look
at the pdf file to see if it reflects what you want.

You can go ahead and continue to make commits. Be sure to check for problems,
especially if you have been making changes since yesterday.

Because of the nature of LyX file, it is easy to get apparent conflicts where
no real ones exist. To be safer:

1. Never work in some non-git directory, then copy the results into a git
working directory. (This will break almost any version control system.)

2. Work in small chunks and commit often. Do "git pull" and then
"git diff <filename>" before committing, and make sure the diffs look like
what you expect.

3. Take a deep breath if you get conflicts. You may have to copy your new
files to some safe location, get the git working directory back to a good
state, then copy and paste from your saved material to the working directory.

4. If there are "<<<<<<" tokens in any files, they have conflicts. Don't
commit files with these tokens in them.

After the AT13 branch is made, I will split the lyx files for the manuals up
into separate files for each chapter. This should greatly reduce the
frequency of conflicts when updating the manuals.


Aside: something seems to have broken all the Intel builds on the cruise
control page. Seems to be recently changes to pmemd. I'm using a newer
version of the Intel compilers, and don't get these errors, but if someone has
easy access to the 11.1.069 compilers, you might see if the error logs match
what you get, and make any sense.

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