[AMBER-Developers] Trajectory Writes During Xmin

From: Daniel Roe <daniel.r.roe.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 10:23:27 -0600

Hi All,

There are a few issues in the code concerning trajectory writes during
Xmin. Current behavior is that at least the first and last frames of a
trajectory are always written irrespective of the ntwx flag. However,
in the code the trajectory file is not opened when ntwx is 0, so when
running lmod with ntwx=0 the trajectory file is always written to
'fort.12' if ioutfm=0 and a NetCDF error occurs if ioutfm=1. Should 1)
xmin pay attention to the ntwx flag (that is, no trajectory write if
set to 0), 2) should open_dump_files know about lmod, or 3) should
lmod make its own amopen calls? My vote is for option 1 since that is
the behavior most users would expect.


PS - The test.lmod tests all fail - is this expected? (they aren't
being run anymore by default)

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