[AMBER-Developers] ff13A in the master branch

From: David A Case <case.biomaps.rutgers.edu>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 12:55:18 -0400

Hi everyone:

At my request, Dave Cerutti has placed some files for "ff13A" into the master
branch. This is just a note that these are unfinished and not ready for
anyone else yet. Please don't use ff13A just because it is the "latest
thing": stick with ff12SB for now.

There should be other experimental ff's appearing soon: in particular,
polarizable potentials from the AmberFF consortium, and version 2 of GAFF.
Please be careful to distinguish between experimental files (still under
development) and those that should be used for actual simulations. In
particular, development parameters are subject to change without notice.

On the up side, we can offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied!
And, if you run simulations with lots of force fields, you increase the
chances of accidentally getting the result you thought you wanted....


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