[AMBER-Developers] URGENT: weird commit to master branch at git.ambermd.org

From: David A Case <case.biomaps.rutgers.edu>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 08:37:58 -0400

On Thu, Apr 19, 2012, git repository hosting wrote:
> The project "git repository for AMBER":
> The branch, master has been updated
> discards e786ee21de003a808052386466481623a5bfed2e (commit)
> discards 35303e0faa5120eb15e3e3e120c3158c7d6d21c5 (commit)
> discards 4df8f6971112462a03174be4352415749ddaac08 (commit)
> discards 23bb3c56273b9d441470838e71d2d23e9f0fe7df (commit)
> discards 3faae903313120aa48842db1035d5c2f5149a9a8 (commit)
> discards bba381f9ea24b4e31c739f12f5ea62db9e5ba4e3 (commit)
> discards e50d90d671023c9d81fcd7ff41cfd045fccf2f79 (commit)
> discards 74eb4a7027429d4b70319db7fbe05328ef5db584 (commit)
> discards 765e5afed0aad541667cc1b808b5c3b40eb35865 (commit)
> discards 56df948ec5d9b727b834c017a1c27ba19b3d3f83 (commit)
> discards 5b1aec911846d6ab06514e39f9d7de20a277a045 (commit)
> discards f57389f3548084a86415b15cb5885b98a744115a (commit)
> discards 65a5a87af56964e3487879c5dabc685c5a976794 (commit)
> discards 99ca1ed25134556902c65acdc85cbf0355c94b8c (commit)
> discards c7d07ce4e304343bb25511d5a195e94f252e8700 (commit)
> discards dd1221a843b3ed1349233f3447bbfe5e28b57e2c (commit)
> discards 1e54158edc75a44484fa91eb020d32463f291b53 (commit)
> discards 15ce0a2864857e16f800f94b4711af700e1d7032 (commit)
> This update discarded existing revisions and left the branch pointing at
> a previous point in the repository history.
> * -- * -- N (dc5b6262f663bfa315fdd4554484bca32e7d8238)
> \
> O -- O -- O (e786ee21de003a808052386466481623a5bfed2e)
> The removed revisions are not necessarilly gone - if another reference
> still refers to them they will stay in the repository.
> No new revisions were added by this update.
> Summary of changes:
> AmberTools/src/configure2 | 9 +-
> AmberTools/src/cpptraj/src/Action_Closest.cpp | 29 +-


Does anyone know who made this commit, or why?

When I do a "git pull" on master this morning (4/20), I get the message of
"already up to date" and "forced update of master". It also says that
now my local master branch is 13 commits behind origin/master (origin is
at git.ambermd.org)

Furthermore: the commits above that are listed as "discarded" should *not*
be discarded! The origin/master HEAD is now pointing to a commit from last
Saturday (4/14).

Until we figure this out (i.e. the best way to undo this, I think) please be
extremely careful about pulling from the SDSC master, and PLEASE DO NOT PUSH

I could do a "git push" from my local master, and I think it will undo most of
the damage. But locally, my latest commit to master is 4df8f6971112462, from
Wed. Apr 18. So I might not have commits that were made on Apr. 19.

Does anyone know why the above change was made (by error?). Does anyone know
the best way to un-do it (assuming that it should indeed be un-done)?


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