[AMBER-Developers] preparing for the combination of Amber11 + AmberTools12

From: case <case.biomaps.rutgers.edu>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 12:23:38 -0500

Hi everyone:

We need to plan for the fact that many users will have a combination of
Amber11 (or even Amber10) plus AmberTools12. As I see it, we need:

1. A section in the installation manual (and on the web) that explicitly
explains how to do this: what paths to change, etc.

2. We need to test that files created by AmberTools12 are still compatible
with Amber11's sander, pmemd, etc.

3. We need to provide a version of AmberTools1.5 for people who
have Amber11, so that they can install Amber11. There are a number
of sets of instructions for doing this on the archive, and in Mark
Williamson's ubuntu post, etc, but there should be one official set of
such instructions, posted in a good place. Generic instructions are here:


but they should get to a more obvious and visible place. Plus, if there
is any way to simplify these instructions, that would be great.

Just posting this to get people thinking about these topics. Volunteers are
solicited, if for no other reason than not dumping everything onto Jason!


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