[AMBER-Developers] Update to authors' list, contributors; request for artwork

From: David A Case <case.biomaps.rutgers.edu>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 11:09:17 -0500

Hi everyone:

As we get near to a release (March?), it's time to update how we (try to) give
credit to the people actually doing the work. Please look at the title pages
to the manuals (now called Amber12.lyx and AmberTools12.lyx), *and* to the
web page:


Generally speaking, the title page is used for more major contributions,
and the web page should be more comprehensive. There are lots of updates
that are needed, and I can't do it all. Also, please update the amber.bib
file and make references to new papers in the manuals.

Cover illustrations: I hereby solicit suggestions for the cover art;
white backgrounds are strongly preferred. You can submit a draft if
you like, but you must be willing to make a good quality image if your
suggestion is chosen. Preference is given to images that reflect
published work using the Amber programs. Email your suggestions to me,
including a suggested caption for the title page.


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