[AMBER-Developers] Problems building a rpm for Amber11 + AmberTools 1.5

From: Hugo R Hernandez-Mora <hernandezhr.mail.nih.gov>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 09:58:17 -0500

Hello there,
I have been trying to build a rpm file for Amber 11 and AmberTools 1.5.
I successfully compiled the package but I want to create the rpm to
easily deploy it into others servers. We are running Scientific Linux
6.1 as well as CentOS 5.6. Attached is a copy of my spec file. After
running the rpmbuild command the rpm file is created successfully but I
get an error message about missing python binaries as well as
perl(ForkManager). Any thoughts?


    -bash-4.1$ sudo rpm -ivh RPMS/x86_64/amber-11.1.5-0.el6.x86_64.rpm
    error: Failed dependencies:
             /home/hugo/redhat/BUILD/amber-11.1.5/bin/python is needed
    by amber-11.1.5-0.el6.x86_64
             /home/hugo/redhat/BUILD/amber-11.1.5/bin/python2.6 is
    needed by amber-11.1.5-0.el6.x86_64
             /usr/local/bin/python is needed by amber-11.1.5-0.el6.x86_64
             perl(ForkManager) is needed by amber-11.1.5-0.el6.x86_64

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