[AMBER-Developers] git repo at git.ambermd.org re-opened for updates

From: David A Case <case.biomaps.rutgers.edu>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 09:55:30 -0500

Hi everyone:

I have restored write permissions to the git repository as they were before
Christmas. There have been major changes in the master branch, mainly in the
naming of fortran files. Please let me or Tyler (luchko.biomaps.rutgers.edu)
know if you experience problems in merging your branches with the updated
master. We *think* problems should only occur if you have local changes to
fortran files that have not been pushed to git.ambermd.org.

[Special care is needed if you wish to use the rism-dev branch. Contact
Tyler if this applies to you.]

If you want to track changes in fortran files, you will need to use the
--follow command to go through re-names, e.g.

    git log --follow force.F90

In the new build scheme, still being tweaked, "configure", "make install"
and "make test" should be done from $AMBERHOME. Log files from "make test"
now go to $AMBERHOME/logs. All of these files automatically check for the
presence of Amber code, and (if present) work for both Amber and AmberTools.
Hence, in $AMBERHOME:

     ./configure [options]
     make install
     make test

should install and test everything that you have. (We are aware that the
summary of the AmberTools tests scrolls of the screen...that should be fixed
soon.) For now, you still need to re-configure in order move from serial to
parallel to cuda codes, but the plan is that the configure script will run
any needed "make clean" runs, so that the above three steps are the only ones
that the user should need to type.

Please be careful in making new updates to master, but don't avoid it if you
can improve the upcoming release. Special soliciation is hereby made for
updates and improvements to the users manuals.

On the other hand, if you have on-going development that is not intended
for Amber12, please work in branch. Don't add things to the master branch
that are not intended for the March, 2012 release.


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