Re: [AMBER-Developers] sander/getcor.f

From: Mengjuei Hsieh <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 00:25:11 -0800

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 12:30:43AM -0500, Jason Swails wrote:
> Actually there was more than just that one occurrence of file names going
> from 256 characters down to 80, so I patched those up as well.
> However, my gfortran (4.5.2, Mac OS X) behaved just fine (though I think
> it's a change that should be made, anyway, even if it's not the cause of
> your problem).
> All the best,
> Jason


Now I see it, imin=8,9 in getcor.f should be disabled if users
invoke -nobintraj, that's probably the reason of my building
errors. This has been confirmed after I stop using -nobintraj
in the configure arguments.

By the way, I don't know how to prevent users to use -DMPI inside
pbsa directory, so I hided those premature MPI macro.

Sincerely yours,
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