[AMBER-Developers] User of AMBERHOME in AMBER tests

From: Ross Walker <ross.rosswalker.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 14:27:06 -0700

Hi All,

A while ago I remember a discussion where it was said that only AMBERTools
should depend on AMBERHOME and that sander, PMEMD etc should not require it.
This allowed one to have say AMBERTools 1.3 in amber11 and still have AMBER
in amber10 but not have to keep switching AMBERHOME. However in the current
CVS Tree makefile AMBERHOME is used:

        export TESTsander=$(AMBERHOME)/exe/sander.MPI; $(MAKE) -k
        export TESTsander=$(AMBERHOME)/exe/sander.MPI; cd 4096wat &&
        export TESTsander=$(AMBERHOME)/exe/sander.MPI; cd jar_multi &&
        export TESTsander=$(AMBERHOME)/exe/sander.MPI; cd ti_eth2meth_gas &&
        export TESTsander=$(AMBERHOME)/exe/sander.MPI; cd ti_eth2meth_gas &&
        export TESTsander=$(AMBERHOME)/exe/sander.MPI; cd ti_ggcc &&
        export TESTsander=$(AMBERHOME)/exe/sander.MPI; cd ti_ggcc &&

Should this be changed to ../../../exe/sander.MPI to be consistent with the
rest of the test cases?

All the best

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